(One) Room for Improvement, by Leg Godt Games


This is a game for the Ludum Dare 37, and one of our first games ever!

You are a spy infiltrating a state-of-the-art space station, wealthy enough to fund lava transport to outer space and develop non-eucliding, space defying rooms!

Navigate the same one room over and over, but each time you reach the exit, new obstacles and threats are added. Make it to the end as quickly as you can, then go through again and try to beat your best times!




* NOTE * If the browser version doesn't receive inputs, try clicking on the black border around the game viewport, then on the viewport itself. It can take a few tries for it to start recognizing keyboard presses.

Desktop version recommended for smoothness and details. It will also be a bit more stable and friendly towards lower-end systems.

Web version available for your convenience, because we love you <3 If the web version doesn't want to cooperate, please try the desktop one.




- Left/Right arrows to move

- Z to jump and double-jump

- X to do a quick, horizontal dash

- R to restart the level, only when dead or completed




- Reach the exit door present in every level

- Choose the most optimal path through the rooms! The top route may be more dangerous, but give you a better time!

- Infinite lives to optimize your movement through the rooms




Mike Desrochers (quiv)

Arne 'S Jegers (methodrunner)

Programming, Level Design: Arne 'S Jegers, Mike Desrochers

Art, Music: Arne 'S Jegers

Particles: Mike Desrochers

Background Art, Logo: Leigh Vukomanovic


Tools Used


LibGDX framework + Android Studio

Tiled map editor





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Install instructions

Java runtimes are required to run the desktop version. Download here if you require Java: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/down...


orfi.jar 10 MB

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